Rapidly Expand Your Customer Base And Manage All Your Prospects

Let Gloss Show You How To Manage All Of Your Marketing And Customer Prospecting With An All-In-One Marketing Command Center... Even If You Don't Have A Single Salesperson!

Powerful & Efficient Dialer

Powerful & Efficient Dialer

Powerful & Efficient Dialer

Call 10X more leads in half the time, triple callbacks at the touch of a button and leverage high converting "ringless voicemails."

Full-Featured Mass Emailer

Full-Featured Mass Emailer

Full-Featured Mass Emailer

All-in-one email system allows you to immediately create and blast out revenue producing campaigns to thousands of fresh prospects, all using compliant marketing strategies.

High Impact SMS Marketer

High Impact SMS Marketer

High Impact SMS Marketer

Enjoy up to 98% open rates with your personalized text message campaigns. Watch your advertising ROI skyrocket as wells as your subscriber list.

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Triple Your Sales

Just listen to what our
existing customers had to say...

James, Toyota Dealership

Granted all of what he said was encouraging and a testament as to what Gloss can do for your business. But I know that THE MOST IMPORTANT for you were the impressive stats he shared on their short 3 day campaign.

3 days and 25 sales!

How much of an impact would that have on your business in 3 short days? ....

Never mind the fact that you would still have ALL OF THE DATA within your contact manager to continue to follow up and eventually convert additional sales. Which of course means even more money in your pocket!

Or how about the feedback from Dan Krenzel of North American Financial.

He began his path to increased profits with Gloss on a Wednesday evening when Mark asked him how many new prospect calls would he like that night.

As you can imagine, Dan tried to laugh it off. But 2 and a half hours later, Dan was laughing for a much different reason. Hear it directly from him...

Dan, Mortgage Lender

Did you catch that number Dan mentioned in his video?

70 prospect calls in 2.5 hours! On a random Wednesday night, just as a "test!"

Can you imagine sitting in that same thrilling position where you can't even answer your phone fast enough because you have so many interested prospects?

Now, what if you couldn't find enough salespeople to answer the phones? Listen to this customer testimonial...

OJ, Hyundai Dealership

As you can see, these testimonials are raw, real, and authentic. No sugar coating, no fluff.

Just real world business owners talking about BETTER RESULTS!

And isn't that the bottom line when it comes to your own business success? ....

Let me quickly remind you of all that you will gain once you invest in Gloss…

• Full Customizable Contact Manager: Upload unlimited amounts of contacts and organize all of the data you need to communicate with your contacts in the most effective way.

• Inbound Marketing Campaigns: Customize and manage the flow of every single call that comes into your business. Know exactly where and who to send them to in order to maximize every single opportunity.

• Your Customized Phone System: Every single bit of flash and dazzle when it comes to your own phone system is here with Gloss. Set up call menus, unique greetings, autodialers, drop ringless voicemails and more.

• SMS Marketing System: Leverage the fast track power of text messaging in your marketing messages. Gain the ability to create text message campaigns and reach out with unlimited text messages to anxious subscribers and prospects. Watch your conversions go on a tear with text!

• Elite Level Email System: Immediately create high converting email campaigns and blast them to thousands of potential clients. Set yourself up for a continuous flow of email marketing to the masses in order to maximize your clients and subscribers.

• Booking Calendar, Tracking Reports, Team Management and Monitoring. No matter what aspect of prospecting, follow up and conversion you need in your business… IT'S HERE!

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